Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Now...there is NO WAY that you haven't seen the explosion of faded brights this summer!! From J-crew to Express, you are seeing fabulous shades of citrusy color!! One of the most obvious combos had been Aqua and Coral. I am going to spend the next two days on this!! I have always loved this color combo, and now it is so easy to put it to use!! Check these out....

Notice the Crocheted theme on this one....

Aqua and Coral...
Aqua and Coral... by markoosmodern

Dress - $49.00 - Littlestarclothing
Crocheted Head Wrap - $10.00 - Knotwyrd
Crocheted Flower - $5.00 - PrincessandQ
Crocheted Sandals - $15.99 - TheHookUp
Peace Bracelet - $5.00 - Rachelswristwraps

Even underpants have gone citrus!

aqua and coral...
aqua and coral... by markoosmodern

Tee - $18.00 - Crowsmack
Shorts - $20.00 - Thepolkadottotspot
Undies - $7.99 - Sublimethreads
Hat - $32.00 - citefuzz
Shoes - $20.00 - Poshprincess

Thanks for visiting!! Come back tomorrow to see the trend done with retail finds, as well as a etsy retail hybrid (I WISH THIS ONE WOULD FIT ME)

<3 Aubrey

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