Friday, February 3, 2012

Frustration and Sheer Dumbfoundedness.....

Dear Readers...

I am dumbfounded.

Today I received and email from Etsy's "Trust and Safety Team", entitled "Misuse of Conversations in Your Etsy Account". Here's the deal...

I created this blog as a way to display and promote some of the amazing things that you can find on Etsy. I feature artist without pay, without expectation of anything in return. As a courtesy to the featured artists, I message them to let them know about the feature. (much like when you are featured in a Etsy Treasury!!!) I also offer them the option of an interview and feature for more promotion IF THEY ARE INTERESTED!!!

So, some lovely, and apparently not so common-sensical person, decided to turn the email into Etsy and call it Spam. Is it just me, or is this..

1)extremely ungrateful
2)a poor business decision (who doesn't like free promotion?)
3)a really lousy thing to do?

As a fellow Etsy seller, I would LOVE some free promotion. Let's be honest, Etsy is over-crowded, and hard to navigate. Why would any shop owner, or Etsy itself not welcome a little outside promotion and direction.

This is the type of thing that takes something that is meant to be good, and turns it on its head. At this point, I am considering taking my business and blog elsewhere. As a person with a business background,I can not make sense of this any way I look at it. This is incredibly disappointing.

What ever happened to a little appreciation? Way to go doofus, ruin it for the rest of us.



  1. Try not to take it too personally. I know in the old days, if you convo'd a lot of people in a row (to let them know they were featured in a treasury for example) your account would get flagged for spamming and convos temporarily frozen. This was all an automatic build in function of the site and not the actions of a person who was actually reading the content of your convos. I believe something similar to this might have happened to your account.

    As a seller who has been fortunate enough to be featured on your blog, I totally appreciate what you do and the lovely way you do it. Don't stop!

    1. Unfortunately, it wa directly stated that I was turned in by someone who received the email. I am not sure how to remedy this. I do not want to stop, but I now have no way to let people know that they have been featured. It seems so incredibly foolish for Etsy to prevent creation of traffic to both their site and individual shops because of one person. I have received literally hundreds of emails from thrilled shop owners, including yourself. Do you have any suggestions? I don't want to let this go. Just plain bad for business.