Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fabulous Valentine Craft Ideas!! - a list of the greatest ;)

I decided today that it was time for me to look around and decide what I was going to do for my kids' classmates this Valentine's Day. I try to put some thought into it, and come up with unique ideas that I can do with the kids.

Why not share some of what I found??

-----I spent SO MUCH TIME, and barely scratched the surface!! DARN YOU PINTEREST!!

Crayon Valentine Hearts from FamilyFun - HERE

Sweet Treats Necklace from Family Fun - HERE

Heart Keychain from Family Fun (customize by adding jewels and sequins) - HERE

Play Clay Hearts from Family Fun - HERE

Tissue Paper Flowers from Kaboose - HERE

Love Bug Pins from Kaboose - HERE

Jewel of a Friend from Martha Stewart - HERE

Sweet Dream Package from Martha Stewart - HERE

Tie in and Envelope from Martha Stewart - HERE

Secret Message Bath Fizzies from Martha Stewart - HERE

Folded Roses from Martha Stewart - HERE

Quilled Flowers from Martha Stewart - HERE

Cute Personalized Treat labels from Martha Stewart - HERE

Heart Cake Pops from SkiptomyLou - HERE

Amazing Paper Wreath from CraftBerryBush - HERE

OVER 90 FREE Valentine Printables!!! from HowDoesShe - HERE

Danielle's Place also has some SUPER CUTE ideas - HERE


  1. At Christmas I did the crayon craft, only I used Christmas designs. They were a hit and even the big kids like em! Bonus is you get rid of all your old crayons!

  2. This is true!!! Unfortunately, when I was little I had a traumatic experience with a reese's pb cup that had marinated in old crayons for a couple months... when you are 7, you will eat candy no matter where you find it in your house. I throw out all our old broken crayons. - I blame the Easter Bunny.