Thursday, February 16, 2012

BOHO chic in the Springtime - Gauze Dress with Mod Heels

This week I am trying to think spring...if for nothing more than my sanity :) So, when I openned Etsy to start working on today's post, I saw this dress. THIS DRESS!!!!! I have always loved these breezy gauze dresses. With the gorgeous colorful embroidery.. In my mind, you can't go wrong with this dress, instant boho chic.

That being said, you need very little in the accessories department. I paired a modern (and SUPER FUN!) pair of heels, with simple jewelry and a large scale, but still simple, handbag. That's all you need to look uber chic and polished, with that "I didn't try" kinda look. Would also look great with a pair of leather gladiator sandals for a trip to the farmer's market or a music festival. I WANT!

Hippy chic
Hippy chic by markoosmodern

Gauze Dress - $65 - VOLENSKAVINTAGE
Leather Wrap Bracelet - $28 - TAMISLOAN
Wooden Studs - $8 - MAOILIOSA
Heels - $98 - Scarletta by Jessica Simpson on Zappos
Upcycled Hobo Bag - $145 - SRAIGE

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