Monday, February 6, 2012

Star Wars Week!! - Star Wars Style for Little Boys

Unless you live under a rock...and didn't watch the Super Bowl last night, you are certainly aware that Star Wars is back in full 4 days Episode 1 will be in theatres in 3-D. For those of you with Star Wars fanatic friends or family, you have probably been put on alert that you WILL be going :)

To celebrate this "momentus occasion", I will be having a full week of Star Wars Posts, including a special giveaway by me :) YAY!!!

To start the week off right, I created a style board for the biggest fans...little boys. The amount of amazing Star Wars stuff on Etsy is incredible!!!!!!

Check this stuff out!

Star Wars...
Star Wars... by markoosmodern

Chewy Hoodie - $59.95 - SOSOHIPPO
R2D2 beanie - $20 - FROGGYPRINCESS
Darth Vader Messenger - $24 - FOURBEESEMBROIDERY
Darth Rides It tee- $20 - IRONSPIDER
Custom Painted Shoes- $120 - BRINKADINKSHOES
Pants - $36 - HUGHFIELDING

Thanks for stopping you found something you LOVE!!!

<3 Aubrey

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