Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Springtime in No Time - A Winter to Spring Transition Outfit for Girls

I have been ill for the last month. Every year, about this time, I question why it is that we live here in Nebraska. There truely is only 1 reason, and that is family. If it were not for our families, we would have moved to a warmer, sunnier climate long ago. Alas, we are here. In Nebraska. With bad colds and cloudy skies.

Things are looking up though! I have noticed the days getting longer, and the sun shining brighter. The clothing is looking brighter too, and it leads me to daydream about a time, in the not so distant future, that I will be lounging poolside in nothing but my swimsuit and big old sunglasses.

We've got to start somewhere, though... how about a great transitional dress? This one is so cute!! And you could TOTALLY dress it up or down, add tights, a sweater, and undertee... the possibilities are endless! The the color combinations are just so sweet! We also included an adorable stuffie option for you! Is that fox not adorable?? And it was made with love by a sweet girl named Cortney. Cortney is an incredily talented designer who I met through Martha Stewart's Dreamers Into Doers. Click the link below and check out her adorable shop SquishyBee - be prepared, her dolls and stuffies sell quickly! (this is where I insert a heartfelt, Napolean Dynomite style, "Lucky!!")

Spring is...
Spring is... by markoosmodern

Headband - $15.95 - SOPHIESBOUTIQUE
Reversible Messanger Bag - $56 - FLIPPEDBIRD
Dress - $59 - LOTTIEDABABY
Fox - $37 - SQUISHYBEE
Ballet Flats - $50 - SROSKILLYDESIGNS

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With Spring in my head--- Aubrey

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