Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Another Giveaway #back2school with Gutzygear!

Oh....looky here!! Another giveaway!

This time is Gutzygear! This totally reminds me of whn I was little and I used to collect pins on my denim jacket...(I was such a badass at 6). Anyway, my kids think these are so very cool, and would love to collect all of them!! Check out the site to see all the available styles!
If you win, Gutzy Gear will sponsor a super fun party in the host's home for up to 15 of your child's friends. Parties would also be great with a group of kids involved in groups such as Girl Scouts, Brownies, a sports team, drama group, or any other club or group that would be interested in participating!

During the Gutzy Party, all the kids will receive tons of free product to deck out their backpacks, swap, and trade their new Gutzies with friends. Also included are some super fun Gutzy games and activities, which the host can choose from (not all mandatory), as well as fun recipes if the host is interested in adding those to his/her party as well. Kids also have a chance to create their own idea for a patch for our next series, and express themselves!

For this giveaway we will have 5 winners! The prize is a in home party valued at way more than $100 for up to 15 children!

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Thank you to MySillyMonkeys for organizing this giveaway.

Have fun and good luck!!

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