Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Patriotic Princess - A Modern, chic look for your Fourth of July

Have you noticed that it seems that every fourth of July you have the same goofy, cheesy, cliche' items to choose from??? Especially when it comes to children's clothing!! I plan to spend this week showing you how you can be as american as a hotdog, but skip the cheese...

Let's start with little girls...

All of these items are brought to you with love from the EtsyKids team :

Patriotic... by markoosmodern

Dress $38.00 : Kangacoo
Hair band $7.50 : StellinaB
Blinged out Chucks $94.99 : Dara43
Pearl Monogram Bracelet $28.00 : PickledBeads
Drawstring Bag $10.00 : MeeABee

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  1. Oh wonderful! what a sweet collection of goodies for kids!