Monday, August 8, 2011


It is time again for the kids to go back to school!! All over the country, kids are headed back to school starting this week, and whether you are excited (YIPPEE KIE YIE YAY!!), or not so much, you've got to get the kids geared up!

Does your kid have the blues about back to school?? Liven them up with this week's picks. (I am so thrilled, this whole week will be dedicated to back to school...I promise I love my kids, but I am ready for my ears to stop ringing!!!)

We will start with the little girls!! Check back tomorrow for the little fella's look.

Back to School...
Back to School... by markoosmodern

Cardigan - $25.00-LAZYJANETEES
Tank - $15.00-CITRUSJUNOS
Ruffle Capris - $20.00-TOGS4TOTS
"Queen in a World of Commoners" Pencils - $3.30 (for 3)-CARBONCRUSADER
"School Stress" Button - $1.50-BEANFORREST
Circus Peanut Erasers - $2.95 (for 3)-TEENSYTURTLES
Backpack - $32.00b-SIAMHANDMADE (offering 10% off with coupon SIAMHANDMADE)
Bracelet - $10.00b-MIZSWEETGURL
Crystalized Converse - $79.99-SPARKLEDAWNE

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