Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Little Man!! - Pirate themed Birthday

Despite having an Etsy site, and creating clothing, styling, etc....I am NOT a 'crafty' person. I am not a big fan of the traditional 'crafty' look.. I am more of a modern, straight line, no nonsense type person. If it is cute, it should be REALLY retro cute, or you are so talented I may vomit cute...(see yesterday's squirrel shelf and mirror)

Today is my youngest child's birthday. He is 3...which is shocking for me....WOW!! How did that happen so fast?!?!?! Anyway, even before he was born, my husband and I had discussed how it seemed that so many items that are geared toward baby boys were so girly!! Soft blue velvet onesie? PUKE!!! If I am having a little man, he is gonna dress like a little man. None of this sissy stuff ;) And boy were we ever on target. If we had put him in anything even remotely girly, even as a newborn, he probably would have punched the guilty party square in the nose.

On to the point....He requested a pirate party this year, so I decided that in honor of his birthday, today's styleboard will reflect both his party theme, and his taste...

Pirate Birthday...
Pirate Birthday... by markoosmodern

Cupcake Topper -$7.00 - THEBIRTHDAYHOUSE
TShirt -$16.00 - HAPPYFAMILY
Shorts -$35.00 - ADATINE

Favor Bags -$31.50 (for 15) - JUSTALITTLEFAVOR
Lollipop -!4.95 (for 10) - SWEETLOLLIPOPSHOP
Crayon Rolls -$7.00 - CUSTOMBYUS4U
Bottlecap Necklace -$14.00 (for 7) - MEME52
Bones Soap -$8.50 (for 10) - MELSFUNSUDS

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