Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday with Dad!! - Summertime Means BASEBALL!!

Saturdays....ahhhhhhh...Maybe a chance for a little mommy alone time!! MAYBE.... If it is, and the kids are having a "daddy's day", dress them the part! Due to the time of year, that would mean, all baseballed out!

Some fashion forward people among us may say.."ICK!!!" However, I played sports when I was young. One day it was getting close to game time, and my coach knocked on the locker room door to ask if the team was ready for him to come in...we let him in and he looked over at me as I finished putting on my makeup before our basketball game. He said,"It's Basketball, not a fashion show!" I replied with a smile, "Everyday is a fashion show." Just because your playing a sport, it doesn't mean you can't look damn good doing it ;), and just because an outfit is sports themed, it doesn't mean it can't have style!!!

Check out these picks for baby, brother, and sister....

Saturday with...
Saturday with... by markoosmodern

Onsie - $16.99 - MUSICALMANDIE
Red Sox Beanie- $25.00 - COZYNOGGINZ
pants - $36.93 - ANJABLAU

ESPN tank - $20.00 - TURTLESTUTUS
Baseball Cap necklace - $18.84 - TREACLESYRUP
Vintage Bunny Tank - $18.00 - MONKEYTEES
Red Sox Patch Cap - $60.00 - JLALADESIGNS
Ruffle Jeans - $42.00 - JEHANNEBBOUTIQUE

"I'm Told" Baseball Tee (Hilarious, by the way) - $15.00 - THREEWAGONS
Beanie - $15.00 - THECHERUBIMS
Multi Stripe Short - $38.00 - HUGHFIELDING
Ticking Stripe Short - $37.38 - BLACKEYESSUSIE

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