Monday, January 9, 2012

Green monster Spinach Smoothie -HellZzz yes!!


Stock up kids..are bananas on sale? Is the peanut butter jar full? Spinach??? Where is the spinach!??!?!

So, for those of you who are unaware, I discovered over the summer that I am lactose and wheat intolerant. Big boo.

No ice cream
No milk
No yogurt

No bread
No pizza
No cookies

The list goes on and on. I pretty much can't eat much of anything. I know eat to live instead of living to eat :)

To get to the point, I found this awesome recipe on pinterest! Green Monster Spinach Shake... shared by Kristin at IOWA GIRL EATS. See her post here. (her recipe is a little different)

Now, I have always been a big fan of smoothies, and this one calls for Almond Milk (which is what I now drink). I have made it doable for my diet!! LACTOSE AND GLUTEN FREE!!! Here it is in all it's glory!!

Here's how ya do it.

Get out your blender---

Place one frozen sliced banana in the blender. Add 1TBSP of gluten free peanut butter, add 1 1/2 c. Of almond milk (any milk can be used). Fill the remaining space with leafy spinach (probably about 4 c.)

And that's it!! I promise you.. So good!! Tastes like a vanilla milkshake! Best of all, your kids won't want to touch it cause it looks TERRIBLE!! :)

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  1. I know!! Sometimes I want to smash my glass and lick off the shards!! Jk ;)