Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sleeping Beauty - Shabby Chic Princess Room

When I set out to do Sleeping Beauty, I wasn't sure how to go about it, until I found this gorgeous French Hotel Bedding. I would put it in my room for shizzle, but I don't think my manly counterpart would dig. Anyway...

Sleeping Beauty.. her is a fantastic styleboard for a super chic/ shabby chic princess bedroom for your sleeping beauty.. you may even get her to sleep in!!!

Want to do your own Shabby Chic room?? Start with the some luxurious but simple bedding, then layer. Check out these pillows!!!

Princess... by markoosmodern

Canopy - $39.99 - SOZOEYBOUTIQUE
Crown Pillow - $33.99 - WORDGARDEN
Little Girl Pillow - $22 - SWEETNTOTS
Mint Flower Pillow - $32 - DEDEETSYSHOP
Stripey Pillow - $53 - CHLOEANDOLIVEDOTCOM
Amour Pillow - $15 - SASEABOUTIQUE
Floral Pillow - $39.50 - WILLOWSTREETCOTTAGE
Shabby chic Quilt - $320 - SEASONSOFTHESTITCH
French Hotel Bedding - $300 - REVEBEDDING

There you have it!! A Shabby Chic bed ..... Tomorrow we will accessorize :)

Thanks for stoppin' in!
<3 Aubrey

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