Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Modern Twist on Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding hood has style... for sure. She is like the fairytale child version of SJP. Rocking that red cape?? A red cape would make sweatpants look good :) (and no, I do not own a red cape, and I am not going back on my resolution of no sweatpants)

Today's styleboard is a perfect showcase of how I envision the modern day LRRH. Etsy strikes that dress fanastic, or what!?!?!?

Little... by markoosmodern

Dress - $182 - BEANANDCO
Red Coat - $90.06 - SAIBATOOTHCUB
Red Threaded Black Tights - $16.95 - POSHPIPSQUEAK
Felt Food - $5.99 - NEWFOUNDAPPLIQUE
Picnic Basket - $19 - GIFTGOGREEN
Initial Locket Necklace - $22 - RADBOUTIQUECELEBRATE
Flowered Ballet Flats - $40 - ROSSANDROSIE

I ADORE THIS STYLEBOARD!!!! What are your thoughts?

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