Monday, January 23, 2012

Treats for Valentines Day - Handmade Makes it Special

There is something amazing about recieving treats in a beautifully wrapped package. You feel incredibly special before you even take a taste. Receiving that package, untying the bow, and removing the gorgeous paper in anticipation of what's inside. Quite a warm and fuzzy feeling..

I always think ahead when it comes to treats for my kids to take to school. I want them to feel like they are bringing something unique to share with their friends, and I want their friends to feel special for receiving it.

Today I took a look at all of the amazing confections available by the incredibly talented bakers and chefs who have shops on Etsy. It didn't take long for me to find way more than I needed for my posting today. It was really hard to widdle down to a reasonable number of items to share with you. These people are completely amazing! I cannot believe what they are able to create with food, and the feeling of love and warmth they are able to bring. Congrats to all of you who are featured today. What an amazing gift you have!


handmade... by markoosmodern

Pastel Lace Hearts - $23.95 for 1dz - SUGARMEDESSERTERIE
Pastel Cookie-Wiches - $45 for 2dz - TOOKIES
Pink and Swirl Heart Cookies - $7.99 for 6 - BROKENROADFARM
Scottie DOg Cookies - $16.95 for 2dz - SUGARMEDESSERTERIE
Mixed Hearts - $45 for 1dz - QUEENOFTARTS
Owl Cookies - $33 for 1dz - TSCOOKIES
Hearts, Lips, and Candies - $30 for 1dz - THEFANCYLADYGOURMET
English Tea Cookies - $21 for 6 - DAINTYDELIGHTSINC


Handmade... by markoosmodern

Heart Hard Candies - $6.00 for 5oz. - VINTAGECONFECTIONS
Mr. D and Ms. L Lollipops - $32 for the set - ANDIESPECIALTYSWEETS
Cinnamon Chocolate Heart - $7.50 for box of 4 - CALABASASCANDYCO
Pastel Layered Marshmallows - $12 for 1/2 dz - TOOKIES
Rose and Honey Marshmallows - $12.00 for 2DZ - SWEETNIKS
Birdie Lollipops - $14.50 for 10 - SIMPLETASTES
Pink Heart Marshmallows - $10 for 2dz - RUBYSBAKESHOP
Valentine G-Free Cake Balls - $45 for 2 DZ - MAMASGFREECAKEBALLS
X and O Lollipops - $12 for 4 - VINTAGECONFECTIONS

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