Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Valentine's Day for the Hipster Baby...

Now, I know that if you follow this blog, you are pretty much aware that I don't go for the run-of-the-mill, tradtional type clothing... I can shop at various stores and put things together, but there is always a sense of uniqueness and character to the looks I put out.

I like to offer these options to you as well, and when I can help to expose an artist at the same time...well, that makes me VERY happy :)

Today, I have put together more non-tradtional valentine's day look for a baby/ little girl. You don't have to cover your tot in hearts and ruffles to have her looking festive for the occassion :)

Hipster Baby V-Day
hipster baby...
hipster baby... by markoosmodern

Is that not the cutest little thing??
Lollipops - $9 for 6 - VINTAGECONFECTIONS
Leg Warmers- $8 - BOWTAGIOUS
Shoes- $35 - PITPATCLUB

Thanks for stopping by and checking us out today :)

<3 Aubrey

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