Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Crazy Things People Do for Lent...and some good ones too.

So, yesterday was Fat Tuesday... did you do anything exciting??

We just did the "fat" part.

I spent the early part of the evening at the gym, trying to "unfat". :) Then, the kids and I met up with Joel at Red Robin. It is a fantastic burger restaurant (it's a chain, but I do not know if it is regional or national). We love it because they do lettuce-wrapped burgers, and therefore,I can actually eat there! An added bonus...our kids' school and Red Robin had partnered to have a "cook' night out", and 10% of sales go back to our school. Pretty awesome! So...yeah, I worked out, then ate my weight in burgers and fries. Yesterday I also ate half a bag of those gummy orange slices (the ones coated in sugar) and a couple of bite-sized candy bars. This is a pretty bad day for me... Fat Indeed.

So, today is the big day....Lent begins. A time of preparation and reflection.

When I was little, my parents always forced us to give up candy for Lent. It was SO hard, but that first bit of candy on Easter was always so glorious! I think it was also a great way to build character and will-power. Joel and I have adopted this idea for our own kids. We will see how this goes :) We are gonna have to keep them home for the next 40 days if they are actually going to follow through. Joel's dad has a tendency to give it to them anyway, even if we ask him not to.

Joel and I are giving up various things... I have a very strange obsession with challenging myself, so I tend to go overboard and give up a whole lot of things, just so see if I can do it. I also like to adopt practices that will improve my life, health, or make me more productive.

Together, Joel and I we giving up eating out (except for fish-fries, which benefit our Church). On my own, I am giving up sweets, playing on the internet and Facebook on my phone (which has become a TERRIBLE habit, which I am aware of), and I have vowed to create a new design everday. I also plan to strengthen my relationship with God through prayer. There are so many people in this world that can use our extra prayers, and there is no reason to not help out in this department.

SO...enough about us. I thought it would be really cool to see what some other people do for Lent.


  • give up wearing shoes
    -admirable, but REALLY?
  • Spoons and forks
    -this person only used chopsticks.....waiting for the update on how those Wheaties went down
  • be aware of everything that you put into your body... eat, drink, listen to, watch, etc
    -this is a fantastic idea!! we are surrounded by so much garbage!!
  • Give up your snooze button
  • -so hard!
  • wear a burlap shirt
  • -YIKES!! hope he's not a runner
  • Everyday write a letter to someone who has touched your life in some way
  • No complaining
  • -few people I know would cease talking completely!
  • Tanning and Bikini Waxes!!!
  • A guy gave up his meds
  • -ummmmmmmm. ok.
  • underwear
  • Do not take insults personally
  • -easier said than done, but a great idea for not just Lent, but always.
There are a TON of good ideas if you look for them, but I thought I would share the most entertaining.
Do YOU celebrate Lent? What are you giving up?
<3 Aubrey
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