Thursday, February 23, 2012

Season Openner Outfit - Baseball Themed Clothes for Little Girls

Baseball is a interwoven into the fabric of America. Just the word baseball makes me think of hotdogs, fireworks, and red white and blue. A true American tradition.

Today, I am selfishly featuring one of my own styles.. It is a new dress that I designed yesterday, and it has already had a pretty good response from people who have seen it... I REALLY like this dress... maybe I should make one for myself :) Here is a good idea of how to style such a dress.. a great option for a cool season openner..

Season Openner...
Season Openner... by markoosmodern

Bracelet - $20 - LOVEYOURALTHETE
Tote Bag - $12.95 - IDIOIX
Rain Boots - $50 - ZAPPOS
Headband - $6 - CHACHACOUTURES

Thanks for looking!!

<3 Aubrey

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