Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shoe rules for Women - Summer 2012 - pt. 1

So, before I left, I did a post on how to choose shoes for little girls.. it was received fairly well, so I am going to continue on with the theme, and do the same for women, men, and boys. Women, of course, require the most shoes ;) So, I am going to break women up into a few posts. Today, we will focus on decision #1. What type of nautical shoes will you wear? Nautical themed stuff is everywhere! It is cool, classic, and comfortable, and looks great! Just be sure not to get costumey!

A precurser - As a genereal rule of thumb for heels, I suggest that you avoid shoes with a strap that goes over your ankle. It makes everyone look a little more stumpy. If you are wanting to elongate your legs, or if you have thick or muscular calves to begin with, they are a definite no-no. Believe me, I know how adorable they are!! I DO have a few pairs myself, but I find that I don't wear them as much as I'd like, because, well...they make me look stumpy (and I'm 5'10"). Be sure that if you buy a pair, they are SO AWESOME that no one will be looking at your calves ;)

#1 - something nautical -

nautical... by markoosmodern

Red, White and Blue Flats - SALE! $62.99 - Nine West on Zappos
Red, White and Blue tall wedges - $150 - Ivanka Trump on Zappos
Red and Blue Striped heels - $64.99 - Naughty Monkey on Zappos
Blue and White Tennie Flats - $60 - Lacoste on Zappos
White and Blue Boat Shoes - $75 - Sperry on Zappos
Red, White and Blue strappy heels - $119 - Nina on Zappos

Which would you choose??

<3 Aubrey

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