Thursday, March 29, 2012

Where the Double Sticks Have I Been?!?!

First of all, I would like to apologize for my LONG hiatus!! It was a rough couple of weeks!!!

Last time I posted, it was right before my husband and I left on a little mini-vaca. While we were there, we got a call from my parents (who had the kiddos). All three of my monkies (AND my parents) had come down with HIGH fevers. EVERYTIME, no joke, everytime I go on vacation without the kids, they get sick! They spent almost the entire weekend laying on the couch watching TV :( We debated whether to leave vacation early, but we had prepaid for our hotel, and I was pretty sure my parents could handle the sick crowd (I made it out alright). So, we stayed, but it wasn't quite as relaxing knowing that the kids just wanted us to be home, and I was really concerned about those high temps.

When we got back, they were STILL sick, and continued to be for three for days! They missed a bunch of school, and I had daycare kids during all that time too!

Finally, things were settling down. This was last Thursday. I remembered, I needed to prepare for a craft fair I had on Saturday (yikes)! So....busy ready for that as quickly as a could. Made several new dress styles, figured out my booth layout, etc. Then...Friday morning came (BUM Bum bummmm) I woke up with a fever. The first thing I thought?? This is life kicking me in the rear for trying to have a little time for myself. Now what was I going to do... first craft fair of the season, already paid for... I decided to pursue. As my temp continued to rise I hauled my sick rear end up and down stairs, packing up all my wares, and lifting all the heavy totes in and out of my vehicle, with lots and lots of rest breaks in between. My husband..thinks I'm nuts.

Saturday morning came, and I woke up bright and early for the craft fair. I wasn't better, but I didn't feel too bad. I got up, got showered and ready, finished loading the car, and arrived at the fair before 7:30 to set-up. BOOM! Hit me like a ton of bricks. I was DEFINITELY NOT better. So now I had to carry in all these boxes and set everything up. UGH!! I struggled through that, and sat down for a LONG day of minimal productivity. I should have stayed in bed :(

By the time I got home, my temperature was at 101 even with tylenol! I laid down, and didn't get back up. My husband decided to help me get the kids to bed that night, then he was going to go visit a friend. I decided to turn in when the kids did. When he got home, he crawled into bed and woke me up immediately. I was so hot, he started sweating as soon as he climbed into the bed. My medicine had worn off, and my fever had reached 103.8! Yeah, probably should have gone to the ER. I was strangely clear-headed though, and we decided to wait it out and see what more medicine would do. It went down, but I slept pretty much all day Sunday, through the night, and into Monday. When I woke up, I still had a low grade fever, and was dehydrated and weak.

I can say without a doubt, that this is the most severe illness I have ever had. It affected every single part of my body. I found out that what I had was influenza A. The same type of virus as H1N1. Not a good time.

MORAL OF THE STORY : when you get your kids flu shots...get one for yourself, for crying out loud.

Also.... I want everyone to vow to punch their local meth dealer square in the mouth!!! They no longer make NyQuil or DayQuil with sudafed in it. (it's not even available behind the pharmacy counter) I now have an even stronger dislike for meth addicts.

Today...I am finally feeling able to get up and down stairs without getting dizzy (this is from a girl who normally runs about 15 or so miles per week), I can see straight, and it doesn't look like I have two black eyes! Yay!

It's good to be back!!

<3 Aubrey

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