Thursday, March 1, 2012

Unique and Stylish Handmade Easter Baskets and Pails

I LOVE Easter Baskets. There is something about the tradition of the basket that gives me that warm-n-fuzzy holiday feeling.

I have had the same Easter basket since I was a baby. The Easter Bunny still fills it for me every year (even though I dump all of the goodies into my kids' baskets). There is something about holding onto that piece of your childhood, remembering all those mornings waking up to the colorful goodies staring at you from your trusty basket. Very warm memories.

-- here are some memory making tools :)

Simple and Vintage Inspired -

Simple and...
Simple and... by markoosmodern

Waldorf Bucket - $12 - APPLENAMOS
Natural Wood crate bucket - $20 - MISCKDESIGNS
Natural Fabric Basket - $41.58 - GOODWISHESQUILTS
Vintage Bunny Tin - $5.08 - BELLEANDBOO

Whimsical and Fun Buckets and Pails

Whimsical and...
Whimsical and... by markoosmodern

Shabby Chic Pail - $28.99 - SASSYFRAZDESIGNZ
Peter Rabbit Basket - $70.69 - GOODWISHESQUILTS
Monogram pail - $18 - VINTAGEBYNICOLE
Personalized Bunny Pail - $30 -BINTHEREDESIGNS
Initial and Name pail - $22 - HAPPYTHOUGHTSGIFTS

Goodness.. these just make me feel happy :)

<3 Aubrey

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