Monday, April 2, 2012

Fashion and Fitness - running shoes don't have to look orthopedic!

Now here is a topic I know something about!!! Athletic shoes... I used to drive my poor mother ABSOLUTELY NUTS looking for athletic shoes. They had to fit, be appropriate for the sport, and above all....."express who I was" :) Who was I? A teenage girl, overly concerned with having colorful shoes at a time when it was a lot harder to find colorful shoes! My shoes became a part of my on-court persona. I HAD to have cool shoes. It made for some very very long days looking for the right pair. I had hard enough feet to fit to begin with! My poor mother. She loves to shop, but I think she would have prefered to remove her left eye than to take me on those little excursions.

Well.. that takes me to today. I am no longer playing organized sports, but I am very much still involved in athletics. I run, I lift, I bike, and I am just plain into fitness. And OBVIOUSLY, fashion is still a major part of my life! I am here to tell, to PLEAD with you. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take some serious consideration into the purchase of your training shoes. You can get a great pair of shoes, that are perfect for YOUR foot and YOUR needs, and they do not, I repeat DO NOT need to look like orthopedic walking shoes. And for crying out loud...DO NOT WEAR YOUR ALTHETIC SHOES AS FASHION!!! You should not leave your house in shorts and athletic shoes, unless you are going for a run, or to the gym, or to a soccer game.

If you can't tell, I feel very strongly about this. Athletic shoes are not pretty, or lady-like. They should never be worn with jeans under any circumstances!

Anyway, I put together a collection of not terrible looking running shoes. :) I have something for everyone here... the hipster fitness guru, the showoff, and the traditional athlete. Whatever category you fall under, you can find the perfect shoe with a little effort.

NOTE: I would advise trying your athletic shoes on in a brick-and mortar store. Even if you choose to order them online, you will be putting a lot of strain on your feet and body when you wear these shoes, so it is so important that you know they fit correctly!

running shoes
running shoes by markoosmodern

Brooks Red, Teal, and White runners - $110 - BROOKS for Zappos
Pink Barefoot Shoes - $80 - VIVOBAREFOOT for Zappos
White and Pink Reebok Run-tones - $99.99 - REEBOK for Zappos
Black/Pink New Balance - SALE! $63.71 - NEW BALANCE for Zappos
Grey and Red OnitSukas by Asics - $65 - ASICS for Zappos
Keen Runners - $90 - KEEN for Zappos
Black and Green Adidas (yes you get each) - $60 - ADIDAS for Zappos
Grey Asics - $105 - ASICS for Zappos

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