Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fun Earth Day Craft for Kids! Make your own Fossils!

I tell you what ladies and gents.... I AM EXHAUSTED!!!

It is spring break for the kiddos... this means that I have all of my normal daycare kiddos for the entire day, rather than part-time, PLUS my one school-ager, and her friend, and my pre-schooler!! I have 5 kids in the house from 6:40am until 9am, then I have 7 kids in the house until 5:30!!! I am pooped!

Anyway...that being said, I'm sure you can all give me a little forgiveness on the tardiness of my post..and the subject matter! We are going to do a craft week :)

Yesterday, we found this great Earth Day activity! We made fossils, completely out of things you most likely have in your house (most of which you probably throw away).

Here is what you need:

(I halved this recipe, because I only got 1/2 cup of coffee grounds after saving two days worth, and we drink STRONG coffee)

1 cup of used coffee grounds
1 cup of flour
1/2 cup of salt
1/2 cup of cold coffee
paper plates
wax paper

Directions: place grounds, flour, salt, and coffee in a bowl and mush with your hands. You may need to add a bit more flour. You want to end with the the consistency of a dough.

Seperate into balls (make as many as you want...I would say you can easily get 12 from this mix) Line same number of paper plates with a small sheet of wax paper. Place each ball on a plate and smash down to form a "cookie".

Now is the fun part!!! Go outside for a treasure hunt!!! Look for interesting sticks, plants, leaves...anything! My only rule was that the kids had to find something that was currently living, or was at one time. SO MUCH FUN!!

Have the kids take their object and help them to carefully imprint them into their dough. This one was a flowering weed :)

Then, place them in a cool dry place for one to two days to dry. This activity was so much fun, and the results were fun too!

This craft was adapted from its original form, which can be found on Kaboose!

<3 Aubrey

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