Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sunshine... On a Cloudy Day...

It's a cloudy (soon to be rainy day) here in Omaha.. I needed to add a little sunshine to our day, and boy did I ever! This little styleboard has sunshine and smiles written all over it!! Even if it IS an outfit for a rainy day. I LOVE this pinafore!

Sunshine..on a...
Sunshine..on a... by markoosmodern

Raincoat - $66 - HANAANDVIOLET
Rainbow Pinafore - $59 - WILDTHINGS DRESSES
Legwarmers - $7.95 - POSHPIPSQUEAK
Shoes - $32 - LAVALYA

Wadya think?? Do they come in ladies' sizes? :)

<3 Aubrey

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