Thursday, April 26, 2012

Silly Sailor - Handmade Nautical Style for Little Girls

I admittedly have a HUGE obsession with everything nautical.
-I wish almost daily I was sitting on a sailboat somewhere in the sun.
-I love watching Wedding Crashers just to see the clothing and lifestyle.
-The Kennedys are chicest of the chic to me.
-Boat shoes are a staple.

Today, I created a styleboard for a little girl that is the perfect mix of class and child appropriate whimsy.
An octopus with a moustache? AWESOME!!

Silly Sailor...
Silly Sailor... by markoosmodern

Pearl and Anchor bracelet - $14 - LITTLEMAEDESIGNS
Knotted Headband - $14 - HELLODOLLYDSN
Flower-topped shoes - $53 - ROSSANDROSIEDESIGNS
Octopus dress - $48 - TEENYBUNNY

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<3 Aubrey

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