Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Women's shoe rules - The Flat

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Over the next three days, we are going to wrap up my little women's shoe rule segment! I have spent WAY too much time looking at shoes (and I've loved it a bit too much!) We will cover the last three rules...the flat, the tennie, and the nude heel. Each of these are important in their own right.

Today, we will cover the flat - It is spring/summer. You are off to work, then the store, then soccer practice, then whereever else...right? You probably don't want to wear your heels through all of that, right? Right. I cannot express enough the importance of a good, neutral flat. You may spend a little more on these, but when you find one you like, NAB IT!
Tread lightly. Flats can lead you down the road to grandma-ville if you choose the wrong pair. Look for funky details, or simple simple simple. And be aware of what the heel looks like. The heel plays an important role in determining whether your flats look chic or EEK!
Color - you would be surprised what you can choose when you are trying to go neutral. Tan, brown and black are obvious choices. However, I would advise against them. What if you are wearing brown and only have a black pair? I would go for a more bold choice.... grey, nude, navy, or get this...yellow. Yellow is surprisingly neutral, and u'ber fun!

flats by markoosmodern

Nude Web Flats - $99 - Calvin Klein for Zappos
Jute Buckle-top Flats - $69 - Etienne Aigner for Zappos
Simple Tan Flats - $39 - Blowfish for Zappos
Simple Gray Flats - SALE! $52.95 - Type Z for Zappos
Gray Flats with stripes - $59 - Lucky Brand for Zappos
Brown Flat with Monogram - $98 - MICHAEL by Michael Kors for Zappos
Yellow Flats - $148 - Cole Haan for Zappos
Simple Black Flats - $110 - French Sole for Zappos
Simple Broze Flats - $79 - David Tate for Zappos

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