Saturday, April 7, 2012

Shoe Style Rules Wrap-up - Oxfords and Nude Heels

Well... MIA again, eh?? The husband surprised us with Baseball tickets...then we had a bunch of Easter prep. WHen it rains, it pours!!! So, today we will wrap it up and check out fun oxford/tennies/flats, and the all-important nude heels!

Tennie/Oxfords -
They may seem silly, or hard to wear, but I assure you they are not. A pair of comfortable oxfords is a great way to add a little casual chic to lots of styles. You can pair them with a summer dress, a skirt, shorts...the list goes on! I included some photos of Sienna Miller rocking hers for example...

-Photo courtesy of UChic

Stylish Tennies...
Stylish Tennies... by markoosmodern

Gray and Tan Oxfords - SALE! $74.99 - Puma for Zappos
Silver Glitter Oxfords - SALE! $31.99 - Not Rated for Zappos
White and Navy Tennies - $60 - Sperry for Zappos
Natural Tennies - SALE! $35.99 - Rocket Dog for Zappos
Rose Gold Boat Shoes - $90 - Sperry for Zappos
Navy and White Boat Shoes - $75 - Sperry for Zappos

Nude Heels -
Ah yes....these are NEED TO HAVE!!! They are neutral, and can go with just about everything, and did I mention they AUTOMATICALLY ADD LENGTH TO YOUR LEGS!!! They are especially helpful when you have a colorful dress, or something else that tends to be hard to match...check out these photos...

-Photo Courtesy of MINISTRY OF FASHION

Here are some awesome options from Zappos add a little bright color for an on-trend and bold twist..
Nude Heels
Nude Heels by markoosmodern

Thick Heeled Nude Heels - SALE! $55.99 - MIA for Zappos
Web Nude Heels - $119 - Calvin Klein for Zappos
Patent Nude Heels - SALE! $89.99 - Kelsi Dagger for Zappos
Nude Wedges - $80 - Aldo for Zappos
Nude with Yellow Heel - $120 - EnZo Angiolini for Zappos
Nude and Teal Heels - $140 - Boutique 9 for Zappos

<3 Aubrey

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