Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Geektastic! - Geek is the new Cool

Everyone loves a good geek!! Remember "Lucas"? Any 80's tween with a pair of eyes could see that he was a total hottie behind those dorky glasses.. That lends to one of my favorite looks for kids.. Geek chic is so fun! There is nothing like taking your totally stylin little person, and geeking them out. If done right, it is a hit.. Can't get any cuter than a mini-Gates!

Geektastic!!! ...
Geektastic!!! ... by markoosmodern

"Hi" button-up - $13.00 - WENDYSMIRACLE
Dork glasses - $44.00 - BIBBYSROCKET
Mustachio-robot tee - $14.00 - COTTONSPACESHIP
Suspenders - $25.00 - MEANDMATILDA
Khakis - $46.00 - ESANDESKIDS
Vintage Wingtips - $20.00 - ROCKYSPRINGS1984
Robot Bag - $23.00 - CRAFTIEROBOT

Thanks for looking!!

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