Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Silver Fox!! - flashy outfit for a glam little girl

I have a serious problem with shiny, glittery, lacquered, metallic, or any other type of flashy surface. I am drawn to it like a moth to a light (maybe even more attracted than that, considering that moth that flew into that baseball player's ear!). Do you have a similar attraction, or do you have a flashy little girl?? Keep her on trend (and age appropriate) with this look courtesy of some fabulously talented Etsy sellers. She will be ultra stylish and sure to be the envy of all her friends in this one of a kind look!

Silver Fox
Silver Fox by markoosmodern

Clips - $5.25 - DEARDACY
Necklace - $32.00 - PUNKYJANE
Belt - $7.00 - ONELITTLEBELT
Shoes - $22.00 - KRISTENDARLING
Nailpolish - $6.00 - XWONDERFULSOFAR
Upcycled Parachute Bag - $22.00 - FLITELINE
Backpack charm - $10.00 - BEVERAGEBLING

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