Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Turkey Tuesday!! - Turkey themed clothing and accessories for kids!

I have always thought that Turkey's were hilarious!! They are just goofy, awkward, animals... they have a matching reputation as well :) Some of my favorite Turkey themed entertainment is based on the Turkeys being the doofus of the domestic bird world.

BC and the First Thanksgiving - 1973
-the most rediculous Thanksgiving Movie ever made! Follows a group of Cavemen trying to catch an illustrious Turkey for their Thanksgiving meal. There are so many things not right about this movie, but yet, I HAVE to watch it.. Here it is in three parts from YOUTUBE, share this with your kids:

">Part 1

">Part 2

">Part 3

Now, if that doesn't make you shake your head, and giggle, then I don't know what will :)

Now on with the show!! Today's styleboard features items all based on the Turkey! Check out these adorable finds!

Turkey Time...
Turkey Time... by markoosmodern

Turkey Skirt -$17.00 - SASSYJAYNES
Turkey Bib -$12.50 - TWENTY7HANDMADE
Handsome Boy Longsleeved Tee -$28.00 - 3TSNME
Multi - Polka Dot Dress -$31.99 -MISSMATCHBOUTIQUE
Personalized Boy's Turkey Outfit -$27.99- DESIGNSBYGRANDMA
Knit Dress -$39.99- LILBUGSCLOTHING

Thanks for checking us out!! Stay tuned tomorrow for festive Thanksgiving outfits for handsome boys and pretty, little ladies!

<3 Aubrey

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