Wednesday, November 2, 2011

No Shave November - not just for the men!!!

Well, first of all... I would like to apologize for the long hiatus. My husband and I were fortunate enough to be able to build a new home. We did some of the work on our own, and have now completed the move... we were busy bees!!! So, again, I apologize, but I am back and better than ever!! We will be starting reviews in the coming weeks, and the Holidays are sure to prove to be spectacular inspiration for some great styleboards!!


Are your husbands, (or you guys...I don't discriminate) involved in no shave November?? Its the worlds best excuse to be lazy, look like a caveman, and keep your face warm. It's also good for a warm chuckle... My thoughts?? Get the kids involved! There are so many awesome products that allow the kiddos to be a part of this silly Holiday :) Check out these finds ...

No Shave...
No Shave... by markoosmodern

Legwarmers - $9.00 - BMODDESIGNS
Dress - $58.00 - TEENYBUNNY
Beard Hat - $25.00 - MOMMABE7
Button - $1.00 - SKYCOUTURE
Binky - $10.00 - BABESTOGRANDMAS
Blocks - $22.00 - DEBBIEISADOPTED
T-shirt - $15.00 - ALPHABETAPPAREL
Wooden Toy - $12.00 - LITTLEALOUETTE
Skirt - $20.00 - WAVEKAIA

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