Monday, February 20, 2012

Rain, Rain, Here Today - A Kid's Guide to A Stylish Day In the Rain

It's Monday...and raining.....ugh.

What's better to brighten your day than adorable rain clothes?? Pretty much nothing. I remember being little and looking forward to jumping in the puddles outside, dressed like the Morton salt girl :) She always looked stylishly prepared. Little did I know that you can get even cooler rain gear than that! I would wear this board as an adult..

Rainy Day in...
Rainy Day in... by markoosmodern

RainCoat - $39.99 - BABESNBEADS
BucketHat - $45 - MOANINGMINNIE
Dress - $69 - PUREPIXIE
Polka Dot Bag - $74.58 - IKABAGS
Personalized Monogrammed umbrella - $18 - PAISLEYNPOLKADOTS
Flowered Wellies - $80 - MYRELLASHOP

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