Tuesday, March 13, 2012

No Fail Shoe Buying Tips for Little Girls - Always Have a Matching Pair!

Have you ever been SUPER excited about an adorable outfit that you or your child have put together, then realize that NONE of your shoes look good with it? Totally ruins that outfit.. completely kills it :(

Today, I am going to help you out a little bit. We are going to do a girl's shoe wardrobe for summer. With a little strategy, and direction, you will have shoes to match any outfit possible!

Girl's Shoes -...
Girl's Shoes -... by markoosmodern

Floral Tennies - $9.99 - TARGET
-super cute and on-trend for summer, they will match most of her easy breezy outfits, and are comfortable and practical for days on the go.

Aqua Sandals - $44 - ZAPPOS
-everyone needs a pair of sandals - for the beach, pool, picnic... these are Teal/Turquiose which is a universally flattering color..much easier to match with multiple items of clothing than any other bright color.

Gold Boat Shoes - $55 - ZAPPOS
-Of all of the shoes here, these are the most important. You will be amazed what these match!! Any bronze colored shoe will go further than you could ever imagine..they just match everything - bronze is a much wiser choice than silver or gold.

Polka-Dot Flats - $22.95 - THE CHILDREN'S PLACE
-because they are fun, and on-trend - polka-dots and nautical.. a go to shoe for the cute fancy-pants in your life!

Yellow Rain Boots - $50 - ZAPPOS
-for rainy days, or just a day you need to add a little sunshine!! These yellow rain boots are super fun, and a solid, bright color is a chic choice..one that will brighten any rainy day outfit, and will not clash.

Asics Tennis Shoes - $45 - ZAPPOS
-every kid needs a good, supportive athletic shoe.. don't let them talk you into a goofy pair of colorful ones. You are gonna hate them! You will look at them as they run down the soccer field or court thinking they look like a total doofus! Grab a high quality pair of nuetral colored shoes... they will love these due to the added "bling" from the silver. May I also suggest that you do a dark/black pair. They will look cleaner/newer longer.

Hope this gives you a little insight!

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