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Omaha Fashioin Week Announces August 2012 Designers

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Omaha Fashion Week Announces August2012 Designers

Omaha, NE, Apr. 23, 2012 - Omaha Fashion Week organizersannounced this week the designers who have been selected to show collectionsduring the organization's August 2012 shows. They include 12 newcomers, fourhigh school students, two designers who currently live outside of Omaha and twodesigners who are launching national brands.

“We arereally excited to have Chad Carr and JLynn Hausmann on board,” said OFWproducer Brook Hudson.  Carr is revivingthe 1980’s swimwear brand, Legoons, and Hausmann is launching high-end denim brand,JHaus, based out of L.A. during the August shows.  Both Carr and Hausmann are Nebraskanatives.  “It’s gratifying to see thatdesigners view OFW as the ideal platform to launch their brands nationally,”Hudson said.

Theapplicant pool included 64 designers who were narrowed down to 37 for theAugust shows.  Designers applied onlineand a limited number were selected to pitch their ideas for their upcomingcollection with a panel of industry experts brought together by the OmahaFashion Institute. The experts scored each designer and provided feedback thatorganizers used to make final selection decisions.

Designerswere placed into categories based on the type of work they do. "Fans canexpect a theme for each night of fashion week," Hudson said. “This allowsfans to select what types of fashions they see.” The OFW show schedule willhave nights focused on the following areas: Children’s wear, avant garde, bridal and swimwear, evening wear and daywear. 

Onesignificant change this year is that designers for the Saturday night finalehave not yet been selected.  “Saturdaynight will be a ‘best of’ show that includes our favorite looks from the week.We will be working with designers over the summer to see how their collectionsprogress before making final decisions about the Saturday show,” Hudsonsaid.  Show organizers hope to feature80-100 looks at the Saturday Finale, which will be held outdoors on JonesStreet.  Weeknight shows will be heldindoors at KANEKO on 1111 Jones St.

OFW August2012 is scheduled for August 20-25. Tickets go on sale June 1 at  Prices for weeknight tickets range from $65for a VIP seat to $50-$30 for reserved seats. Ticket prices for the Saturday Finale range from $1,000 for a 10-personVIP table or $120 for an individual VIP seat to $60-$30 for reserved seats.
Omaha Fashion Week: August 2012Designers

Children’s Wear: Monday Night, 8/20
Aubrey  Sookram for Markoos Modern Design

Hollie Hanash for Ruffled Runway
Jea Theis for Jake & Lucy
Rebecca Robbins for Fit for a Princess
Susan Ludlow
Yolanda Diaz for Little Miss Fashion

Avant Garde: Tuesday Night, 8/21
Angela Balderstonfor Get Plastered
Audio Helkuik
Dan Richters
Ellene McClay for FORTRESS
Joi Katskee for Joi Joison
Mai Do
Terri Jen Buckner for Nuevintage Apparel & Accessories
Tiffany Headley for Donna Faye

Bridal & Swimwear: WednesdayNight, 8/22
Chad Carr for Legoons
Erin Thomas for Toxic Sadie
Jessica Hansen for Jessica Alyse
Kendra Morgan
Michaela Cawley for Kkini
Sabrina Jones

Evening Wear: Thursday Night, 8/23
Bertiher De La Cruz
Buf Reynolds
Fella Vaughn for Fella
Juantiesha Christian for SuShe by J. Tracy
Kate Walz for Just Because
Lameesha Stuckey for Stylishly Chic
Leah Casper for Casper Couture
Maximillian Suiter for Max Millian
Williams Torres for WILL STYLE

Day Wear: Friday Night, 8/24
Audra McAvaddy forCoriander
Daniel Munoz
Eliana Smith
Kaitlyn  Fitzgerald for KAIT Blu
Masey Rost
JLynn Hausmann for JHaus
Shamina Wiek for Pastel GROOVE House

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