Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Graphic Design - Great Prints with Great Color for little Girls

For those of you who have followed the blog for awhile, I imagine that you have come to learn little things about my personal style...even without me outwardly expressing them.  Two major aspects of my style are color and print.  Specifically a great graphic print. 

Whether it is a fruit, a zig zag, or circles, I love a nice crisp contrast of color on a graphic printed peice. 

Just my luck, there are TONS of great peices to chose from this year.  Today, I did a board of some of my favorite things, both to purchase and to create :)  Girls' dresses.  Check out these eye-popping beauties!!
Graphic... by markoosmodern
Reversible Bicycle Skirt - $68 - BETSYBDESIGN Teal and Orange Beach Dress - $55 - KAITEMERSONDESIGNS Chevron and Polka-dots dress - #28 - MUDPUDDLEDANDELIONS Organic Sailor Chevron Dress - $58 - SEWNNATURAL Crescent Moon Dress - $120.37 - LELIASHOP Gray Circles Dress - $40 - JMARKET
Strawberry Dress - $26.42 - ALICELOVESHANDMADE
I LOVE THEM!!! Thanks for stopping by... do you have a favorite? Go tell the maker how awesome they are...you'll make their day :)

<3 Aubrey

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