Monday, April 16, 2012

How to build Childhood Memories - A Choice and some Luck :)

WOAH!!! What a week...and weekend!!! Last week was spring break for my two oldest kiddos. My oldest daughter, who is 7, tends to be a lot to handle. She LOVES attention :) She always has, and I love to give it to her! But when I have 6 other kids here who are all younger than her, it gets to be a bit much. Love the kid, but I was ready for school to start again!!!
On Friday, fed up with being stuck at home with all the nagging older kids, I decided it was bounce day!!!! We went to BOUNCEU, and made out own boucy balls (I will post a tutorial with pics for you tomorrow)!! So FUN!!!!
BOUNCE U is actually franchised into lots of locations around the country, and our neighbors three houses down happen to own the one here in Omaha. It is loads of fun for kids, and surprisingly affordable! I paid $32 for 5 kids (including tax). Best part? Adults are free!!! (even if, like Joel and I, we shouldn't count as adults :) Check out their website HERE to see if there is a location near you....
Here are some pics and vids from our adventure to BOUNCE U :)

There were about 10 large inflatable games or 'rides' so to speak. Ivan (my 3 year old) LOVED the sports themed ones. In this above photo he is shooting some hoops inside a bounce house :)

And there was absolutely NO WAY I was missing all the fun.. in these two pictures Ivan and I are getting ready to head down the big slide. It was actually REALLY fun.

I was having so much fun, that I continually sent photos, vids, and texts to my husband who was at work..... this is him going down the slide after he decided he needed to come check it out ;) (He's the guy who likes to check the inflatables for "sturdiness") hehe.
And my favorite part of the whole day was when we were getting ready to do... we decided to let the kids do the "claw". We NEVER let them do these games, and explain to them that it is more wise to save there money and buy a toy than put it into a machine where they will likely not get anything.

Just this time, we let them do it.

THEY ALL GOT SOMETHING!!! Both of my girls are displaying their winnings above. Not only did they get "a" stuffed animal, they got the ones that they actually wanted! Ivan, he wanted to do the candy claw.... you always win on those, but he was perfectly content with the sugary goodness!
I went to bed that night with a big smile on my face, knowing that we had the type of day great childhood memories are made of :)

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