Thursday, May 3, 2012

Talent can be 'Felt' all over!!

Now, I know I say this ALL the time, but I am so amazed by all of the talent out there!!  Thank god for Etsy!  It makes me sad to know that for so many years before Etsy, people with abundant talent had no way of sharing it with the masses.  It is so much fun to see what people are able to dream up.  Amazing creations brought to life by the minds of people throughout the world.

One of the most versatile and common mediums is felt.  There are so many amazing felt items to see on Etsy and beyond.  Home decor, toys, shoes, clothing, accessories...the list goes on. 

I decided to do a broad search on felt..  I quickly had far too many items for one styleboard..I encourage you to do your own search.  I promise you will be glad you did!! 

Here are some of my favorite finds.....I know my kids would go gaga over this stuff.  I am still trying to figure out that Ice Cream cone :)

amazing... by markoosmodern

Butterfly Lamp - $100 - MIXKO
Disguises - $12 - CMOOREOF10
Hamburger set - $49.99 - THEFELTCHEF
Ice Cream - $25.99 - THEFELTCHEF
Eyeball purse - $30 - SWEETSBUNNY
Mommy and Baby felted mice - $73.10 - BAYTREEFELTING

Are these not amazing?!?  Those mice make me they make YOU think of Steve Carrel??  BAHAHAHA!!  Love it.

<3 Aubrey

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  1. I LOVE Etsy, too! Funny thing is I wrote an Etsy post today, too! Maybe we need to make an Etsy Addicts blog hop or something! hehe