Wednesday, March 7, 2012

People Get Ridiculous for Saint Patrick's Day!!!

Joel and I had kids young... By the time we were able to go to the bars for St. Parick's day, we were holding a different kind of bottle.. However, the glory of Facebook allowed us to see what kind of craziness our friends were facing as they made their way out for what is certainly the silliest Holiday of the year.

This year, Joel and I are embarking on a little weekend getaway, and it happens to fall over the weekend of Saint Patrick's Day. I decided preparation is in order. (actually, I wanted to do some styleboards for you from brick and mortar stores..and I happened upon this stuff)

What kind of craziness is in store you ask??? Well, let's see....

Lep by markoosmodern

Top - A Dapper Douche.... what exactly is in that pipe??

Bottom - I really think she is a real Lepracaun. You see that sly twinkle in her eye?? Good gosh I be this woman HATES this picture!

lep 2
lep 2 by markoosmodern

Top - Lucky Charms - I think anybody wearing this may get beat up...but definitely not Lucky :)

Middle - Does this or does this not look like Mose?? (Dwight Schrute's cousin)

Bottom - WARNING - if you wear this, you will undoubtedly face-plant in the street. (as if the outfit itself wasn't embarrassing enough) at least they won't see your face.... or chest.

lep access.
lep access. by markoosmodern

Top - Bling for Lepracauns!! Giggity!

Bottom - now, this is obviously an Oompa-Loompa... but so frightening!!! The model looks so happy too!!

So where might you find all of these gorgeous St. Pat's wears???? - I attached my search, have fun!!

<3 Aubrey

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