Thursday, March 8, 2012

Saint Pat's Day outfits Simplified! - wear it again!!!

So, you might be a parent. Me too.. and I know what it's like to feel too exhausted and without inspiration to think too much about what I am going to wear. But!! It doesn't have to be hard!

Saint Patrick's Day falls on a Saturday. You probably have soccer games, groceries to buy, and lots of random errands to run...followed by a night out. Let's simplify. Create a simple, casual cool outfit, that you can wear taxiing the kids around town, then feel comfortable wearing out for a casual night with friends.

I am going to make it real easy... only three stops, including Target (see getting groceries)!

men's st pats
men's st pats by markoosmodern

Tshirt - $9.99 - TARGET
Cardigan - SALE!! $29.99 (was $54) - URBAN OUTFITTERS
Boat Shoes - $100 - URBAN OUTFITTERS
"Magically Delicious" glass - $8.00 (or 2 for $10) - URBAN OUTFITTERS

girls st pats
girls st pats by markoosmodern

Sweater - $14 - FOREVER21
Scarf - $9.80 - FOREVER21
Pink Jeans - $29.80 - FOREVER21
Tennies - $12.50 - FOREVER21
Printed Tote - $108 - URBAN OUTFITTERS

Casual, Cool, and Comfortable!!

<3 Aubrey

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