Friday, March 9, 2012

To Eat or Inspire - Beautiful Handmade St. Patricks Day Treats

Because of this blog, I have the pleasure of seeing a TON of super cool things. Amazing fashion, swesome jewelry, and truely unique home decor. However, nothing amazes me more than the food I see for my "treat" posts. These people are true artists! I cannot imagine the time spent on each of the items they ship out. Each one unique and perfect in its own way. I have my fair share of talents, but these people exemplify almost everything I am not...patient, steady-handed, and did I say patient??

I would need much more than the "Luck of the Irish" to make anything remotely close to this cool....

St Patrick's...
St Patrick's... by markoosmodern

Assortment of Cookies - $20 for 12 - AMBERWALK
Shammrock Cookies - $21 for 12 - GUILTYCONFECTIONS
Hat Cake Topper - $8 - SHANNONDEAN4
Caramels - $21 for 10oz - SEATTLESWEETSCO.
Chocolate Covered Pretzels - $15 for 10 - BOMBONS
Celtic Herbal Chocolate Bar and Shammrock seeds - $10 - WHIMSYANDMALICE
Polka Dot Barley Pops - $14.95 for 5 - SWEETLOLLIPOPSHOP
Guiness Cupcake Toppers - $15 / DZ - TWOSUGARBABIES

YUMMY!! I shouldn't do these posts while I'm not allowing myself sweets!!!!

<3 Aubrey

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