Sunday, August 28, 2011

Silly Sunday - Funny Stuff to Make You Laugh

Etsians are the MASTERS of goof... I am always finding stuff that practically makes me pee my pants. Now, whether I would put my kids in it? That is another question all together. Appropriate in your circle, or is still funny.

Silly Sunday
Silly Sunday by markoosmodern

Beard Binky (holy genious!!)- $17.95 - PIQUANTDESIGNS
Turkey Overalls - $33.00 - FUNKEYMONKEYY
Mustache Hair Clip - $9.00 - LIVEN
Mustache Bag - $10.00 - THEBOLDBANANA
Kegstand Shirt - $14.99 - MYITTYBITTYBOUTIQUE
Dwight Schrute Shirt - $14.00 - VICARIOUSCLOTHING
Ice Cream Dreams Beanie - $15.00 - LEFTRIGHT
Poop and Pea Magnets (why you ask? why not?) - $5.00 - BUTTONHEAD
Weird Sock Creature - $5.00 - GWALES2
Monster Butt Pants - $15.00 - BABYDUSTBOUTIQUE

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<3 Aubrey

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  1. I agree! Yes, they are! On a bad day, I sometimes looked up the goofy listings on Etsy to put a smile on my face. It works! Love the Beard Binky!